Why spray tan over traditional tan?

  • We all crave beautifully golden skin, but at what price? Thousands of people just in the US are diagnosed with melanoma every year. But it can be avoided and this is where we come in. We give you anything from a natural glow to a deep bronze. When you switch over from tanning beds to custom spray tans, say goodbye to unnecessary sun exposure and say hello to a radiant and healthy glow!

How long will my tan last and how can I make it last longer?

  • With proper care, your tan lasts 7-10 days. To maintain the longest possible tan, avoid mineral oil based lotions and non-organic soaps. Organic body wash free of harmful chemicals is best (no loofas.) A few of our favorite go-to lotions after a spray tan are: Hempz, CeraVe and organic coconut oil. Try to keep away from chlorine pools, salt water (works as an exfoliant), and long, hot showers.

After my spray tan will I be protected from the sun?

  • Unfortunately this one is a big NO. After your spray tan although you will look bronzed, you can't let this fool you when you are out in the sun. You must still wear SPF.

What should I wear after receiving my custom spray tan?

  • It is recommended to wear loose fitting, black attire. We suggest black attire because although our products do not stain there may be some temporary residue after the tan. Rest assure thought that any bronzer that gets on clothing will wash off.

Should I get a spray tan while sun burnt or peeling from a sun burn?

  • No you should not. With a burn your skin will start to peel, leaving you patchy later. And with skin that is already peeling the tan will go on immediately spotty and not turn out well. If a spray tan technician says this is okay…. RUN.

Will the solution stain my clothes or sheets?

  • Our solution will not stain your clothes or sheets. If you see bronzer come off onto your clothes or sheets, this is just the topical bronzer that is water based, oil free and thus will not stain.

When should I shower, shave, and exfoliate to prepare for my tan?

  • We suggest showering, shaving, and exfoliating the night before, or at least 4-6 hours previous to receiving your tan. This allows your pores to close. If you must shower, shave, and exfoliate right before, this is not a big issue. Your tan will still turn out great. We do suggest running cold water on your body at the end of your shower to help close your pores back up.